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Srey Touch Changkeang Keov

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Srey Touch Changkeang Keov, ស្រីតូចចង្កៀងកែវ វគ្គ4
Status: Ongoing Network: Studio: Released: Jan 01, 2024 Duration: 45 Min. Season: Country: Type: TV Censor: Censored Posted by: Fanta Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Srey Touch Changkeang Keov

After Nanny 3rd generation witch marry a human The Magic City was quiet and quiet ever since. The same is true of Grandma Tahira, who is determined to never again raise a witch to put humans at a disadvantage. The world of humans and the world of magic seemed to be torn apart. If nothing serious happens,

Nadal, the peace-loving wizard Not very interested in studying magic Until making him a wizard who is weakest in magic. He is content to live a simple life. Happy with his beautiful wife, Hanna, and newborn twin sons, Rome and Matthew. The two children, although twins, But their faces are not quite the same. Until the peace and happiness of the Nadal family had to be destroyed by the family’s hand. “Akradechochai” which is a witch hunting family. This family’s ancestor was the fiercest enemy of all wizards. The event began when Hanna is doomed to die and die. Makes her feel hot and wants to go out and play in the human city. Even though I had just given birth to twins. Nadal tried to dissuade him out of a sense of foreboding. But it was not successful. So he was forced to go with Hanna as well.

The two had fun traveling the human world. Until getting lost in the area of ​​a beautiful flower garden of a vast territory And look at the mystery of the Akaradechochai family by Khun Taub, who has to assume the position of head of the family in place of Khun Pichai, whose husband died at the hands of a cruel witch named Laura. Laura knows that Khun Pichai is the head of the witch-hunting family. So he used his wiles to seduce and kill him. It created a lot of resentment towards Mr. Tap. Even though the event had already passed quite a long time ago But it couldn’t erase Khun Tad’s resentment. So when Hanna and Nadal wandered in Khun Tad then used a magic rope to catch him. Hanna, whose magic is more powerful than her husband’s Go help protect him. So he was arrested instead. But the fearful Underwater escaped. Because Hanna asked him to go back and raise twins in her stead. Hanna is being tricked by you. And her son and daughter-in-law, including Grandma Chot and Chan, Grandma Chot’s niece, had their bodies cremated. Their second daughter-in-law, Usanee, who had a gentle heart and kindness, was extremely saddened and had a premonition

that something bad would happen next. Nadal fled in distress and returned home disappointed. and anger and revenge Losing Hanna before our eyes Completely changed the peaceful Nadal. He planned to exchange Matthew, the younger twin, with the family’s newly born sons, Thongchai and Krongthong, the eldest sons and daughters-in-law of Khun Taub. He spelled out Krongthong to name his son Matthew. And he named Khun Tlab’s nephew David. After that, he secretly took Rome, the older twin, and left him at Tahira’s hut. Because Tahira is a senior witch. There are spells and powers in the magic city. Even though it’s a little messy With an age approaching 1,000 years already Tahira then raised the “little wizard” as she had thought about a long time ago.

Tahira’s life can become even more chaotic when Chanon, Honey’s second husband-in-law, He brought his daughter, Rosie, to raise and raise. Because the little one is very naughty. Plus I’m not afraid of anyone. In addition, he had recessive genes, which Ta Hira argued were the outstanding genes of his mother’s side. Giving Rosie the magic of all witches. and use it in a fun way like a child causing a lot of chaos No one can handle it. So Honey had her husband bring Rosie to her great-grandmother to help raise her. Tahira took it. On the condition that she would spell Rosie to remain a little child forever, Chanon refused, but in the end they agreed that they would meet each other halfway. That is, when Rosie left her great-grandfather’s arms and went to live with her parents in human world She will grow up to be a woman according to her age. Tahira’s adoption of a witch again causes Chicken to ridicule Tahira greatly.

Rome, Matthew, and David grow up in an environment that molds them. With Rome growing up to be a charming wizard. Fully equipped with various features That is beautiful. Smart enough to graduate as a doctor in the Magic City Hospital. Rome has a good mood, is kind, sees the world as beautiful, playful, and cuddly. Meanwhile, Matthew received training from Grandma Tlap. To become a witch hunter He was therefore rather solemn. Serious about life Matthew did well in school and became a specialist doctor at Dechochai Hospital. He has the same green eyes as Rome. But no one doubts Because it is thought that Matthew inherited this quality from his family tree. who is western As for David, he studied well and became a doctor at a magic hospital as well. He is a serious person. Focused on studying magic as Nadal wanted. Nadal is strict and enforces Plus he’s cruel, heartless, and callous to David. But David sees that his father wants him to avenge his mother, who was burned at the stake by a human. This is something that Nadal has buried in David’s head since he first learned about it. Even though David is human But he can learn magic. Due to being descended from witch hunters Nadal has watched the growth of his body, mind, and development of prowess in the field of sorcery. of the three of them with satisfaction He plans to have David kill his parents and siblings. and their own grandmother through cooperation

of the mighty Rome And Matthew would be a great line for him. When both Romans and Matthew knew their true origins With destiny already predetermined, Rome met Nisara when she was a child. When he escapes to travel to the human city at the persuasion of Rosie, who secretly invites Mona, an orphaned witch who diligently practices magic to become proficient in order to erase her own inferiority complex. Rome doesn’t like Nisara very much. Seeing that she was a mean child who liked to bully Marisa, but when Mona punished Nissara for her cruelty. Rome helped her because they were destined to be together. Nissara is the youngest daughter of Paichit and Usanee. She was spoiled and spoiled. He likes to tease Marisa, who is the child of Thongchai and Chanlan Grandma Chot. With the instigation of Kulnapa, who is the son of Thongchai and Krongthong. Nissara was also bullied by Monaglan. which is sometimes nearly fatal. Because Mona knew that Rome and Nissara were destined to be together. That Matthew also has a destiny linked to Marisa. He felt affectionate. and have deep compassion for you Just like Marisa, who loves and is proud of. I really care about this brother. But these feelings were assumed to be because of brotherhood. Rome, David, and Mona applied to become doctors at Dechochai Hospital. With Rome and Mona wanting to learn and get to know humans more. In addition, Nadal, who is a patient at a magic hospital, gently instigated it. David went with him because his father had commanded him. Nadal’s revenge operation has begun.

at Dechochai Hospital The staff there as well as the patients had to experience strange things. and various kinds of chaos Which is normally already chaotic. Because an honorary patient named Khun Prathana thought she was in trouble because mosquitoes were urinating all over the room. And when Tahira disguises herself in various forms, some as a nurse, some as a patient, it makes even more strange things happen to Peggy.

Nadal’s wish was finally granted and David, Matthew and Rome attacked and destroyed the Decochai family. Nadal uses his own life force to push everything to his will. Nadal is willing to sacrifice his own life. In the end, Nadal’s life force really disappeared. All rancor can be ended with Tahira. which tried to recall the consciousness of Rome and Matthew returned When the truth was revealed along with Nadal’s near-decomposed body. Everyone forgives each other. Rome ended up with Nissara. Matthew and Marisa Mona tries to get over Rome and tries to encourage David out of compassion. Chicken scoffed. Tahira, even though she changed to raise a wizard, was still at a disadvantage to a human woman. Tahira argued without giving up. She still has Rosie left. And Rosie would never let her down. Because his personality is very similar to hers. But when he met Rosie’s mischievous eyes And Rosie’s words: “You seem to like the human world,” made Tahira start to feel unsure.

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