Summer 2019

Chet Sne Memay Kon 1

Chet Sne Memay Kon Mouy [07 End]

20 episodes · TV Completed อรุณา 2019, Aruna 2019

Aruna and her two close friends are at a point in their lives where every thing is changing. Aruna is faced with bigger decisions after her divorce. With her career booming, and her handsome boyfriend reaching his peak age. Aruna questions whether they have a life together ahead. What will she say when he asks her to pack her things and go abroad with him? How will her two closest friends handle their new lives?

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The Legends (2019)

The Legends

Hunan TV, iQiyi
55 episodes · TV Completed 招摇, The Legends (2019)

While attempting to take her predecessor’s Wanjun Sword, Lu Zhao Yao is ambushed by the ten immortal sects and dies. She mistakenly believes Li Chen Lan, who is her best ally, is related to the incident after he is revealed to be the demon king’s son.

Five years later, Li Chen Lan has taken over the position of the Wanlu sect leader, and Zhao Yao decides to exact revenge. She who is now a spirit, possesses the body of Qin Zhi Yan, a female disciple of the Immortal Sect, and with the help of the newly gained body, she becomes the direct disciple of Mo Qing aka Li Chen Lan with the aim of killing him. But things don’t go as she planned, when she slowly starts to fall in love with him instead.

Meanwhile Jiang Wu, an ambitious youth, wants to kill Li Chen Lan and become the sect leader. He is interested in Zhi Yan.
What will happen when their lives are intervened? Will Zhao Yao be able to regain her body back and become the sect leader again? What is the fate of Qin Zhi Yan, whose body Zhao Yao possessed? The story of love and hate begins…

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Vivet Sneh S2

Vivet Sneh S2

GMM 25
57 episodes · TV Completed

Vivet Sneh S2

Club Friday, Episode: Love Crosses the Line, a story of the disagreement between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, where the mother-in-law has tried to hinder their love in every way. But the love of Than (Cheer Thikamporn) and Yo (Indy Intouch) has been smooth for 1 year until the day that Yopathan went to introduce himself to the family. The moment Than made eye contact with Yo’s mother (Ann Siriam), Than felt something abnormal happen in his heart.

Vivet Sneh S2

When we had the opportunity to travel together Combined with the atmosphere and closeness that makes the couple feel more exaggerated than the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, until they have a deep physical and mental relationship. After that incident, Than felt very guilty towards Yo and tried to end this relationship. But Yo’s mother threatened to commit sui_cide if she left her!

Vivet Sneh S2

This event is when a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law who do not get along with each other come back to have a secret deep relationship. How will the whole story end?