Summer 2014

Mohit Chata Ou Mey Neang

Mohit Chata Ou Mey Neang [82 End]

Hunan TV
96 episodes · Drama Completed 武媚娘传奇, The Empress of China (2014), មហិច្ឆិតាអ៊ូម៉ីនាង

In 637 AD, a young girl named Wu Ru Yi from Jingzhou County was selected into the imperial harem of the Tang Dynasty. Ru Yi danced very well and outshined all the other girls. During a rehearsal, she caught the attention and affection of the emperor Tai Zong Li Shi Min, who nicknamed her Meiniang, which means elegant lady. At the time, she was 14 years old, and he was 39. The same night, another girl was murdered, and everyone accused Meiniang of being the killer. She was tortured to confess the “truth” and was banished into the Cold Palace.

**It has 4 versions: 96 eps/30 min (Hunan Satellite TV) || 82 eps/45 min (DVD) || 75 eps/60 min (TVB) || 86 eps/30 min (Zhejiang Satellite)

Yuthsil Tevabot Nacha

75 episodes · Drama Completed 封神英雄榜, The Investiture of the Gods (2014)

It tells the story of the legends Su Da Ji and Jiang Zi Ya, who lived in the Shang period.
vea brab pi ruengopreng nitean Su Da Ji ning Jiang Zi Ya del rsanow knong samy Shang