Summer 2005

Konlong Bak Slap

Konlong Bak Slap [17 END]

Channel 5
17 episodes · TV Completed เล่ห์ภุมเรศ, Le Phummaret, កន្លង់បាក់ស្លាប

Pummared is seeking revenge on the daughters of his father’s old business partner in the hotel industry. The reason is the fact that, due to Pummared’s father bad management the business collapsed and he tried to borrow money from his ex-business partner. He didn’t want to lend him money, instead took over the hotel and Pummared’s father became paralysed on both legs. Pummared came to Bangkok when the ex-business partner passed away and came to his funeral pretending that his father was a family friend. Pummared’s father ex-business partner had 3 daugthers. The first one was Nid, the head of the family, good for handling business matters, but lousy when it comes to relatioships and socializing with people. The second one was Noy, a strong-willed and easy going person who socialized a lot. The youngest sister was Ning, a naive and innocent person, who never knew about the outside world, love. She lacked confidence because she was staying at home and the best she could was to cook. Pummared seduced these three sisters: the eldest sister was easy to seduce since she was yearning to be loved; the youngest was also easy to seduce because she didn’t know what love was until she met Pummared and she was willing to be his mistress. Noy was difficult for Pummared to seduce because she was smart and she didn’t fall for him easily. Winning Noy’s heart was a challenge for Pummared, who started to fall in love with her.